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It's 2022 and we are now 5 years old !
We started the podcast after the Nice terrorist attack as a way to help local companies have a voice, encourage tourism and bring some positivity back to the French Riviera.

We have covered many topics in this time from education, to health and lifestyle, coaching to wine tours, authors to yoga instructors, business and leisure .. we like to have guests where we can and listen to their top tips on Places to visit, setting up a business, making friends, learning French, buying a house, dealing with paperwork dealing with administration and what brought them here in the first place.

Topical issues such as Brexit, Covid etc have of course impacted us along the way and our guests and I discuss these too.

Whether you already live here, plan to move here or just dream of visiting we hope that the Riviera Firefly gives you a little taste of the Côte d'Azur and the inside scoop on what it's like to really live here.

Thanks for tuning in and until the next time Au Revoir les Fireflies.


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Organise a Wedding South of France

Organise a wedding South of France. Many people dream of having a beautiful Provençal or Côte d’Azur event with a lavender field backdrop or views over the Mediterranean sea. That dream can become a reality with the right experts on hand to help you. 

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Côte d’azur tourist staycation guide

Ambassador #Côtedazurfrance Nicole Ruskell Editor in Chief to the Riviera Insider shares her do not miss bucket list to the South of France. We chat about all the top ideas for every kind of person here .. those that have been here a while or recently arrived, foodies, adrenalin junkies, glitz and glamour and get away from it all.

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Nutrition | Hormone Harmony | Menopause

Hormone Harmony midlife via nutrition  – we get right into it in this podcast with important discussions around hormones, midlife, the menopause and this huge impactful phase in a woman’s life (and let’s be honest it impacts the whole family actually!) but it needs much more exposure and everyday discussion .

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Brexit transition paperwork France |Organise

The Brexit transition paperwork in France is a lot of paperwork that needs to be organised.  The Carte de Sejour or WARP, French nationality and a driving licence are all important documents that help life in France.

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Relook an interior – bespoke furniture

Think interior differently. Update and remodel your home with taste and class thanks to this local small importer of bespoke furniture. In our interview we hear the story behind the company.

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Gift a fresh graze box

Setting up a small business as a new mum during a pandemic is no mean feat but with Yasmine and her background it is sure to succeed.

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Overcoming fears | Fitness & health

Many entrepreneurs will try their hand at many different projects until they find their true purpose. Building up essential skills , resiliance and an ability to conquer adversity. Join Sarah Smith the Miss Fit mentor as she shares her journey.

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Riviera Firefly Taster Series 6 – Support Local spotlight

We are back for the Spring 2021 with a spotlight showcase  SUPPORT LOCAL .. interviews with  local businesses who want to share some Côte d'Azur love with us all . Wine tours, furniture boutiques, life coach, reboot, snack boxes .. we have it all covered. Series 6 -...

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Parenting to success: Language delay issues in childhood

Raising children with success - language delays Welcome to the latest series on the Riviera Firefly podcast sponsored by KidooLand your childcare solution for safe summer fun, Playgroup Kindergarten and Forest school . In this series we chat with specialist educator...

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Raising children: My child bites | 5 minutes of tips to success

Raising children with success. You ask we answer with  5 minutes of specialist tips with our special guest Rebecca Leacock. Welcome to the latest series on the Riviera Firefly podcast sponsored by KidooLand your childcare solution for safe summer fun, Playgroup...

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Recycle Upcycle Repurpose

Recycle and upcycle your pool inflatables into bespoke, unique bags, pouches  and pencil cases Get our French Economy boosted #staylocal #buylocal #supportlocal Welcome to the Riviera Firefly podcast sponsored by KidooLand your childcare solution for safe summer fun,...

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Discover Mougins

Mougins a perched village with lovely restaurants and cobbled streets to wander around also has come great canal walks, a chapel, lots of parks and more to discover

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Discover the big blue off Golfe Juan

Golfe Juan is a bustly port side town where Diamond Diving is located. Alex shares his top tips for enjoying this seaside town and also tells us a little about what we can expect if we get our into the big blue on a dive.

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Firefly with KidooLand Robert Bar Sur Loup

BAR SUR LOUP 5minutes of Fun Firefly Facts to discovering the French Riviera with guests. Get our French Economy boosted #staylocal #buylocal #supportlocal Welcome to the latest series on the Riviera Firefly podcast sponsored by KidooLand your childcare solution for...

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Mandelieu La Napoule

La Napoule Blue Beach a bustly little seaside town with an atypical castle to visit, a quaint port, quirky beach bar and beachfront walk – what’s not to love.

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Esteron Valley Revest les Roches with Tim Biscaye OpportunIT

Esteron Valley 5minutes of Fun Firefly Facts to discovering the French Riviera with guests. Welcome to the latest series on the Riviera Firefly podcast sponsored by KidooLand your childcare solution for safe summer fun, Playgroup Kindergarten and Forest school . The...

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Discover St Paul de Vence with Amanda Renar

St Paul de Vence one of our regions oldest medieval perched villages is a site to behold. Winding pedestrianized lanes, cute little boutiques, a multitude of galleries and a famous square to soak in the vibe and play petanque. This village is also very rich in history and art. Do not miss it.

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New Life in France

Do you want to move to France ? Are you thinking of settling on the Côte d'Azur ? Would you like to integrate and speak better French ? Pauline Mourrat joins Antonia on the Riviera Firefly to chat about her business  New Life in France talks about learning French and...

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55: International Women’s Day – Balance for Better

It’s International Woman’s day and the theme this year is Balance for Better.
What does that mean to us .. well it’s about raising awareness .. challenging bias and influencing behaviour but it’s also about launching initiatives lobbying and fundraising.

Here on the Riviera Firefly we serve the community by raising awareness…we tell you about all the fab entrepreneurs, businesses and initiatives .. we share great spots to hang out and things to look forward to .. this time in this very a special edition the firefly asked for a couple of local entrepreneurs to contribute to an International Woman’s day special.. sharing their own mission and vision for bringing balance for a better life

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53: Writing & publishing a fiction book for Adults

Have you dreamed of writing a book ? Put off by how expensive publishing and printing a book can be ? The Firefly talks to local author James Vasey based in the Italian town Seborga just past Monte Carlo. We chat about his love for Italy and in particular Seborga and...

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52: Nick Boot UK DJS Abroad make provence your home

I love it when I meet someone who really makes the living in France dream work. Nick and his wife Lisa epitomise the home in the sun and moving abroad dream. After a holiday in the south of France they saw a sign as they were leaving that said "Why Not make Provence...

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50: Fitness Nutrition Being the best version of yourself

Leigh Bodin joins to chat about her Fitness and Nutrition business. She shares her journey to the South of France and how she set about studying for her Level 2 nutrition coach. Dedicated to learning she spent one year studying with precision nutrition for the master...

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49: Discovering Nice, Italy and the South of France

  Robert Levitt is an American living in France. He has had a very unique approach to his career over the years. A former investment manager he actually would go and live in the country to truly understand how it worked , it's requirements and the opportunities...

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48: Review, renew, recycle, discard in 2019

Welcome to our first episode in 2019. As we say in France plein de bonheur et surtout santé -happiness and health. Above all health as this is the most important as someone in a nearby commerce said to me today without that we have nothing. In this episode I take a...

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47: Counselling therapy and coaching with Gavin Sharpe

In this Riviera Firefly episode  Antonia talks with Gavin Sharpe about relationships, issues that we encounter in life and how to get help and what kind of help is available . We cover a range of topics like social media, Life counselling, relationship coaching,...

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46: Smiley booth Lucy di Mora KidooLand Fete

The KidooLand Christmas market on the 2nd December 2018 hosts local companies and individuals who will be selling  their festive wares and creating a fun and interactive environment for all the family. The inauguration of the loft is also the perfect moment to...

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44: Running a product business, network groups, simple cookery

Riviera Firefly podcast is your online show where we chat about  living on and visiting the French Riviera and the Côte d'Azur. THIS EPISODE In this Riviera Firefly episode  Antonia talks with Melanie Gulliver. Melanie is serial entrepreneur and shares her business...

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43: Etsy selling, creating jewellery, seaglass, christmas fair

THIS EPISODE In this Riviera Firefly episode  Antonia talks with Rhonda Nicholl and chats Sea Glass and how she set up her business Sea Riviera. Sea Riviera will be at the KidooLand Christmas Fair on Sunday 2nd December 2018. Sign up to come to the event it's free and...

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42 feel the fear

Episode 43  Antonia shares what she is doing for  self care, how she is facing her own mindset issues but pushing through, feeling the fear but doing it anyway. Listen to how they plan to grow and scale to the next level and join her community that is free! [iframe...

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