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We are still in the pandemic and in France we have just gone into another lockdown. For many 2020 was a hard year health and diet wise as gyms shut, restaurants closed and socialising was seriously curbed.

Series 6: Get our French Economy boosted #staylocal #buylocal #supportlocal #cotedazurfrance. Welcome to the Riviera Firefly podcast sponsored by KidooLand your childcare solution for safe summer fun, Playgroup Kindergarten and Forest school .


Up next we have Mel Burch .. from Live Breathe Pilates and Health

Back in April our chat with friend Lucy Kelly one of our local nutritionists popped up on the podcast socials and Mel spotted it and having had a listen messaged the podcast and our guest ” I am currently training to be a health coach so will be looking for nutrition therapists such as you to team up with when I get qualified (at the end of the year hopefully)!” So she deepened a connection from Lucy’s podcast.

She added that “the  chat about kefir water resonated and I am a huge fan too – with ginger and lemon like Susie! and the body brushing too! Thanks for putting this out, and I look forward to the next one “

Having listened to that and also having discovered podcasts during the pandemic she then reached out and said she had a story to share.

So we were delighted firstly that she had listened and taken the time to write in but also that she wanted to share her rather magnificent adventure and journey to Pilates with us all.

We always try and get a good read of watch recommendation and Mel has a podcast and book for us (you’ll hear I wasn’t able to recall at all the documentary I just watched, lucky for me I get to add it here: Kiss The Ground, it’s a must watch if health nutrition organic ring any of your bells).

The Firefly podcasts are all about you getting to know the people behind the local businesses; it’s all part of our support local series as we get ready to hopefully open up again.

I would like you to join us in a pledge to commit to a 1 in 5 local pledge. So for every purchase or support you give to the large corporations you make 1 in 5 of them local.
Now I know some wallets are stretched so if you can’t buy right now then get on their socials just like Mel did and give them a huge shout out and help get their word out there so that they can be in front of people who can help them financially through the next period.

As Mel said you only have to adjust the compass a few degrees to make a big difference. Each and every one of you counts. Let’s roll.


Thanks to Mel Burch

Mel Burch





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