Dawn Howard -Dog behaviourist from Dogs D’azur is our guest host this week sharing dog car tips and essential info for the South of France.

You may remember Dawn from an earlier episode 12


also on 106.5fm Riviera Radio’s “Woofer of the Week” broadcast every Wednesday morning around 8.15am

She shares her top tips for a happy dog.

Here’s what you should be doing throughout the year to keep your dog in good shape.

Keep in mind no one knows your dog like you do – so it’s important to keep an eye on them for signs of unusual behaviour and for any niggles go straight to your vet.


You can buy a special toothbrush and toothpaste from your vet and it’s a great idea to start when they are puppies so they get used to it. Aim to do this once a week.

Problem symptoms to look out for include: salivating or pawing at the mouth or signs of pain while chewing as well as bad breath.


It’s a good idea to clean around your dog’s eyes regularly too ? how often will depend on breed. But for matted or sticky eyes or a foreign body ? a trip to the vet is essential.


Regularly make sure nothing is lodged down there or that they are dirty.

Again, this is one to start early, while they are young ? and your vet will love you as it will desensitize them.

Symptoms include: shaking the head, or scratching, or a head tilt.

How to move an injured dog.

  1. move the dog away from any immediate danger
  2. make a temporary stretcher from a flat board, car parcel shelf, a towel, blanket or coat
  3. Get a second person to help you get the dog on to the stretcher while supporting the dog, avoiding bending its spine. Take care to be as gentle as possible


Clinique Vétérinaire des Clausonnes open 24/7

900 route de la Valmasque, 06560 Valbonne

Tél: 04 93 65 40 54

Urgent Vet Service number is 0800 948 484




They need:

  • Donations
  • Tinned dog food ? preferably Cesar “senior” + pedigree the one with the sauce
  • Medium-sized leads and collars
  • Washing up liquid, bin bags and sponges


These guys operate a great scheme whereby you can take them all your small change ? get collecting today!

And why not become a sponsor for one of the animals for just 10 euros per month.

1770, chemin des Terriers. 06600 ANTIBES

Tél : 04 93 33 14 14 contact@refugeduflos.fr www.refugeduflos.fr



WORMING             x 4 per year

VACCINATIONS     x 1 per year

FLEAS                   most likely once per month

LEISHMANIOSE      Now till November.

Collars last 5 months, Advantix every 3 weeks

TICKS    check as that may be included in flea/collar treatment


The Valmasque ? between Mougins and Antibes

Camp Roman in Le Rouret/Châteauneuf

The Brague in Valbonne

The area over by Lake St Cassien

Check out:



Top tips for having a well-behaved dog

Firstly, make sure your dog gets the maximum amount of exercise.

Secondly, be consistent.

Join the conversation @The members-only Dogs D’azur Group  for information, tips and advice on all things dog.


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