Personal growth through books, managing the inner critic,  limiting beliefs and mindset  are all on the podcast this week with our guest Theresa Destrebecq.

Series 6: We are still in the pandemic and in France we have just gone into another lockdown. For many 2020 was a hard year health and diet wise as gyms shut, restaurants closed and socialising was seriously curbed. Get our French Economy boosted #staylocal #buylocal #supportlocal #cotedazurfrance. Welcome to the Riviera Firefly podcast sponsored by KidooLand your childcare solution for safe summer fun, Playgroup Kindergarten and Forest school .


I like to ask my guests about their purpose, here’s what our next guest said: “Do you know how sometimes people read books to make a change or become better at something, like leadership, or meditation, or productivity? But then when you ask them 6 months later how things are going, and nothing has changed?”

Now if that resonates with you listen in. Theresa Destrebecq is a Coach, Educator, an advocator of self acceptance and more recently the founder of Emerge Book Circles as we chat personal growth through books.

Now if you are into books be them real or audio, maybe you have, like me, many on the go, a pile of books but then can’t remember once you’ve moved on ?
Well I definitely can tick that box .. I used to be in a fun fiction in person group .. after many years I left and did actually try and start my own business book group but I don’t think we got past 2, I was stretching myself too thin to set it up, so my interest was piques when I saw Theresa’s post proposing an alternative way of doing it.

I was craving a bit of deep dive and direction and connection and much as I love my own Business Coach, because they are based in the US time zones I am never at my best as its late at night .. so this group was ticking the boxes.

Theresa and I had already met a couple of times in KidooLand , at a PWN conference where she was a speaker and so I decided to give the book circle a go. For a while now I’ve been joining her group for  great thought provoking conversation and activities which have also as a by product given me a  constant both personally and professionally through this pandemic. The book circles seem to link  self growth and personal improvement and also provide action  that I can actually do with my own family.

We chat about the need to create more permission for imperfection, limiting beliefs and mindset and of course around how her book circles work and why they are so powerful both professionally but also personally.

So listen in to find out about the novel way of reading a book if you excuse the pun!

Lets roll!

Theresa Destrebecq

Personal growth through books helps with managing the inner critic, limiting beliefs and mindset with Theresa Destrebecq.


Thanks to Theresa Destrebecq –  Personal growth through books. Managing the inner critic|Personal growth | Books| Education & Coaching | permission for imperfection, limiting beliefs and mindset are all on the podcast this week with our guest Theresa Destrebecq.




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