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Côte d’azur tourist staycation guide. Bookmark and share this episode and rediscover  the Côte D’azur .  Ambassador #Côtedazurfrance Nicole Ruskell Editor in Chief to the Riviera Insider shares her do not miss bucket list to the South of France. We chat about all the top ideas for every kind of person here .. those that have been here a while or recently arrived, foodies, adrenalin junkies, glitz and glamour and get away from it all.

Summer Cote d’Azur Living – we are ready to get out and about, to dine out, have fun, meet new friends,  enjoy new experiences. Discover all things local. 2021 is going to the THE year for us locals to really staycation and become tourists in our own backyards. This is why we wanted to give you a Côte d’azur tourist staycation guide.

So who better than to tell us her top bucket list and  share some top calendar do not miss it’s  for this  summer than the Editor in Chief of the luxury lifestyle magazine the Riviera Insider, International journalist , Ambassador for the Cote d’Azur and my friend  Nicole Ruskell.

Nicole is originally from California but has lived all over Europe and I was lucky enough to meet her what now feels like years ago over some goats cheese and since then we try and meet up in between her busy deadlines. More often I get to live vicariously through her social media checking out what’s hot and the latest finds.

She has truly helped me look at life here through a new lens and I love her idea that we need to get out there and say Yes .. in fact in a recent journaling and reflection workshop I was invited to join we talked about the YES AN approach rather than the either or and definitely not the yes but.
so let’s get out there! Are you ready for that? YES – well let’s roll

“Originally from California, I am a journalist and editor-in-chief of Riviera Insider, an English language lifestyle magazine for the French Riviera. I am passionate about health & wellness, organic foods and traditional artisan practices for food, products and growing. I also love sharing fun and unusual information and telling people stories. In short, I love my job!”

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Nicole recommends a good read

Getting in the mood for the French Riviera, Côte d’azur as a tourist or on staycation , Nicole recommends Peter Mayle’s “A Year in Provence” was my bible when I was in high school. Read it so many times! But another really excellent book that is very local is “Riviera Dreaming” by Maureen Emerson. She is the ultimate resource on the history of buildings and villas and the special stories of the famous and infamous Anglo residents of the Riviera. The book follows a couple of very prominent British architects who built or remodelled many of the great villas here. And it’s chock-full of great stories from the 20’s through to WWII.

Here’s Nicole’s tip to expand your Côte d’azur tourist staycation guide

For a fuller Côte d’azur tourist staycation guide, visit the Riviera Insider website and sign up for our newsletter! And if you love what you see, subscribe to the magazine because we have much better articles in the mag!

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