Positive Mental Attitude | Reboot | Midlife  

feat. Heidi Fossali

Positive Mental Attitude | Reboot | Midlife – do it now. We are still in the pandemic and in France we have just gone into another lockdown. For many, 2020 was a hard year health and diet wise as gyms shut, restaurants closed and socialising was seriously curbed. That’s why we decided to bump forward this episode and run it as a nutrition and health mini series to inspire, motivate and share as much as possible and get ourselves moving and grooving again!


It’s all very well to say Feel the fear and do it anyway, but what do you do if your head is in a dark space , you’ve given up, confidence has deserted you or that inner voice is giving you lots of negative talk?

We have all been there and never more than in the last 12 months, where the Stress of news, inactivity, total lack of movement and the infringement on our liberty and the kgs creeping on as we binge on Netflix.

Heidi Fossali is on the pod to chat about what positive steps we can be taking right now to get things back on track because suffering in silence is just not the right approach.

On a side note I have seen that lots of therapy and psychological consultations are being “prise en charge” so paid for by the French national health service right now due to the huge impact that the pandemic is having, so if you need support, reach out the help is there.

Now Heidi is going to be that audio injection of vitamins that we can all do with right now.

Do listen in and go follow her in Instagram and take one action step today to living that life that you deserve and want.

It might be putting on trainers for the first time in a long time, filling the fridge with healthy food, listening to some fun and funky music, or calling a friend. Let’s just all do one thing to lift our spirits right now.

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