Raising children with success. You ask we answer  .. Listen in to our chat  with  guest Special Educator Rebecca Leacock.

Welcome to the latest series on the Riviera Firefly podcast sponsored by KidooLand your childcare solution for safe summer fun, Playgroup Kindergarten and Forest school .

In this series we chat with specialist educator Rebecca Leacock as she shares pearls of wisdom around challenges that parents meet everyday when raising their children from communicating to biting, anorexia to setting boundaries, toddler tantrums and bullying.

In this backstory episode we interview Rebecca an Australian Specialist Educator with two adult daughters. She moved to Antibes with my husband 2 years ago because they have always loved the beauty, the history, the culture and the food of this region.

“I have had 30 years experience working in clinical settings with families of young children with delays. Once we moved to France I could see there was a need for family support in English for expats who were often quite mobile and needed therapists who they could access My philosophy is to work with the whole family unit and to discover how the family lives at home, what are their strengths and interests and then how the child’s issues impact on this family. For some families it is very important to be able to go out to a cafe with their child, others really want to focus on toilet training or sleeping through the night, or they might want to hear their child say ‘Mummy’.

Identifying the important goals for the family is the key to being useful to them. Any therapist can identify pencil grip, omitting hard consonants or coordination as an issue, but if it is not important to the family then it will not improve how that family lives together.

Children learn best in environments where they are most comfortable and I strongly believe that the strategies need to be embedded into each child’s daily life. Therefore, we focus on supporting the parents to adapt their usual home activities so they will support their child’s learning goals – which is often easier than it sounds.”

Enjoy our guest chat and then follow us for the next 6 weeks where we address a series of questions parents face.

The Firefly is joining up with the locals to share some of the best of the Riviera …  so that our friends and tourists can enjoy all that the French riviera has to offer but also for those that already live here .. Staycations will be on the menu this summer so let’s spread the word ..  help people find the best info to stay local , buy local and support local.

So please enjoy these bite size five minutes of tips and ideas to help parents with their day to day roles in positive parenting. 


Thanks to Rebecca Leacock

Contact details are: Ph: 07 89 93 87 60

Web: https://www.growingtogether-therapy.com/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/therapyineurope/


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