Episode 43  Antonia shares what she is doing for  self care, how she is facing her own mindset issues but pushing through, feeling the fear but doing it anyway. Listen to how they plan to grow and scale to the next level and join her community that is free!

Recharging the batteries – Self Care :

Adult Soft play: #meclub #cultureclub #escaperoom #lizzyparks

Gardening , Cooking, Woodwork

TAKE ACTION Put something in your diary for a weekly self care event ? it is not an indulgence

Let’s be unbusy Mas Candille, Golden Tulip build in time for you!

Get efficient with your time: Outsourcing, Timeboxing and take time off.



Rev your business up a gear. What is a mastermind ? Move your business from a hobby to a business. Join a Mastermind in the Riviera Business Cocoon. email Antonia for info

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Vonny Marshall Edwards –  singing classes

Faye Villalba Yoga Workshops


 #KidooLandisgrowing #kidoolandgrows #kidoolandgrandit



  • Run painting workshops with Weitzie Hein (episode 8)
  • Mastermind workshops
  • Gently to Sleep Workshop for mum and babies with Louise from Episode 38 at KidooLand on 5th June
  • Book Swap  Tuesday 19th June 13-15h KidooLand
  • Business workshops with various people like Barbara Wilson episode 33


Creative Learning English Academy on the Cote d’Azur for kids but also  adult development

A Play and Leisure zone

  • Dedicated  area just for 2-5 year olds to play, learn and grow (Playgroup & Kindergarden)
  • A new airy and sunny  space for birthday parties, events, sports, leisure and of course play.
  • A Breakout area for gouters , workshops, English play etc.


A Creative Learning Zone ?

Our exisiting space where we currently run KidooLand activities is also  having a makeover.

Rooms and learning material will be reorganised to make

The focus here  will be for the primary , college, lycee age children and adult workshops  too.

We will be adding

  • a music & film making zone
  • The Zen zone (eg mindfulness, yoga etc)
  • the Studio a place for us to share, learn and grow through fun workshops
  • a cooking and creative zone that will include a constructive Lego corner
  • Birthday parties will be back.
  • Homework Club, Phonics,

Ideas / contact if you have an idea for a course / class/ community event .

I can only do these things because I am surrounded and supported by an amazing community on and offline. Thanks to you all.


Our sponsor KidooLand La Petite Ecole Anglaise ?  

This podcast was sponsored by KidooLand the Little English School who have just opened inscriptions for the next holidays for 4-16 year olds KidooLand nicknamed “the little English school” by our clients has a  year round premises is  set up for the little and big people. We run English activities all year round as well as holiday camps in Vallauris Sophia and Valbonne. With the Ados that we get to explore the Cote d’Azur in great depth .. Mougins, Cannes, Biot and more for cultural and really fun outings and this year we add in community awareness projects.

Riviera Firefly is your online guide to living on and visiting the French Riviera and the Côte d’Azur. We cover topics such as Education for children and adults, Places to visit, Health and lifestyle, hobbies and leisure and have lots of fun here in the Alpes Maritimes. We also talk to inspiring local entrepreneurs and small businesses about how they started their careers in France, dealing with administration and what brought them here in the first place. Topical issues such as Brexit and what this means to expats will also be covered in 2017. Our online directory and magazine can be found on www.rivierafirefly.com
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