Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs to improve fitness and health feat. Sarah Smith

Overcoming fears fitness and health with Sarah Smith the Miss Fit Mentor. Sarah takes us through the journey that led  her from Ireland to her current role as a  successful 6 figure CEO to a motivational fitness coach. Her past experiences all contribute to her skills and expertise in this domain. Listen in to hear her tips and strategies for learning to shine, improving mindset, accepting and overcoming fears. No matter what business you are in Sarah has some great insights to share .


Miss Fit Mentor

Sarah Smith Miss Fit Mentor

  • Going from a broke fitpro to a 6 figure CEO
  • Dealing with new challenges
  • Her favorite spot in the côte d’azur
  • Sarah recently watched Dark and highly recommends it, even though it can be a bit scary!
  • How to deal with imposter syndrome – overcoming fears


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