Balance your diet, boost immunity, introduce a clean 15, reduce alcohol, start skin brushing and more.

We are still in the pandemic  in France and have just gone into another lock down. For many, 2020 was a hard year health and diet wise as gyms and restaurants closed, socialising was also seriously curbed. That’s why we are running this nutrition and health mini series to inspire, motivate and share as much as possible .  Interlinking nutrition and immunity are key to  balance. Let’s get moving and grooving again!


Click the link to hear us chat with Susie Thompson. She shares some great tips on how to boost your meals and get that immunity topped up.

Susie takes us back to her childhood from the West of Scotland and then what brought her into the world of nutrition via the yacht industry to the Var in the South of France.

Life is full of sliding doors moments and it’s fascinating to hear all the doors that Susie considered and took before focusing on nutrition immunity and balance.

Here are some of her top tips :

Alcohol – Lockdown brings challenges like a change in routine and we chat about alcohol and how to detox and get better balance to improve sleep, lose weight and generally feel better. Want to cut it down and boost your immunity? Check out a link Antonia mentioned from Annie Grace and the Alcohol Experiment 

Kefir Water – We chat about this easy to make, slightly sparkling fermented drink with friendly bugs that boost  your microbiome. This is because Kefir is considered to be a great nutritional way of providing immunity and balance.

The dirty dozen Find out about the EWG 2021 Clean fifteen of organic and bio foods  and wht to avoid, in particular what to grow in your vegetable patch.

Skin Brushing or dry body brushing can easily become an atomic habit . You do this before getting wet. Brushing brings nutrient rich freshly oxygenated blood to the skin’s surface, which gives it a better tone and elasticity. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system and helps with immunity and balance.

1 – Start at the feet in the direction of your heart

2- Quick flicks are better rather than long strokes .. start at the  feet move up to the  knees (don’t forget behind them – where the lymph nodes are), knees to hips, over the bum, hands to shoulders.

3 – On the stomach do circular motions and back too

4 – Make the pressure strong enough to get the circulation going and stimulating without hurting.

5 – Try to find a natural brush with natural fibres.


  • Susie reads mainly nutritional and academic books so her Netflix recommendation is Modern Family and we also chatted about the reality show Below Deck, Seaspiracy and Rotten Avocado  Mafia
  • With regards to nutrition, immunity and balance  Susie mentioned meal planning and in particular to think about what you’re eating. the key is to  eat more varied foods. We also mentioned the Atomic Habits PODCAST FINDING YOUR WAY as a way to link new habits into old.
  • She also finds it very funny to watch her chickens .. this is something Antonia would love to do but not just yet!
Susie Thompson Nutrition Immunity Balance

Susie Thompson chats Nutrition Immunity and Balance from Nutritional Therapy Rocks

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