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In the podcasts, we cover topics such as Education for children and adults, Places to visit, Health and lifestyle, hobbies and leisure and have lots of fun here in the Alpes Maritimes. We also talk to inspiring local entrepreneurs and small businesses about how they started their careers in France, dealing with administration and what brought them here in the first place. Topical issues such as Brexit and what this means to expats will also be covered in 2017.

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New Life in France

Do you want to move to France ? Are you thinking of settling on the Côte d'Azur ? Would you like to integrate and speak better French ? Pauline Mourrat joins Antonia on the Riviera Firefly to chat about her business  New Life in France talks about learning French and...

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55: International Women’s Day – Balance for Better

It’s International Woman’s day and the theme this year is Balance for Better.
What does that mean to us .. well it’s about raising awareness .. challenging bias and influencing behaviour but it’s also about launching initiatives lobbying and fundraising.

Here on the Riviera Firefly we serve the community by raising awareness…we tell you about all the fab entrepreneurs, businesses and initiatives .. we share great spots to hang out and things to look forward to .. this time in this very a special edition the firefly asked for a couple of local entrepreneurs to contribute to an International Woman’s day special.. sharing their own mission and vision for bringing balance for a better life

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53: Writing & publishing a fiction book for Adults

Have you dreamed of writing a book ? Put off by how expensive publishing and printing a book can be ? The Firefly talks to local author James Vasey based in the Italian town Seborga just past Monte Carlo. We chat about his love for Italy and in particular Seborga and...

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52: Nick Boot UK DJS Abroad make provence your home

I love it when I meet someone who really makes the living in France dream work. Nick and his wife Lisa epitomise the home in the sun and moving abroad dream. After a holiday in the south of France they saw a sign as they were leaving that said "Why Not make Provence...

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50: Fitness Nutrition Being the best version of yourself

Leigh Bodin joins to chat about her Fitness and Nutrition business. She shares her journey to the South of France and how she set about studying for her Level 2 nutrition coach. Dedicated to learning she spent one year studying with precision nutrition for the master...

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49: Discovering Nice, Italy and the South of France

  Robert Levitt is an American living in France. He has had a very unique approach to his career over the years. A former investment manager he actually would go and live in the country to truly understand how it worked , it's requirements and the opportunities...

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48: Review, renew, recycle, discard in 2019

Welcome to our first episode in 2019. As we say in France plein de bonheur et surtout santé -happiness and health. Above all health as this is the most important as someone in a nearby commerce said to me today without that we have nothing. In this episode I take a...

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47: Counselling therapy and coaching with Gavin Sharpe

In this Riviera Firefly episode  Antonia talks with Gavin Sharpe about relationships, issues that we encounter in life and how to get help and what kind of help is available . We cover a range of topics like social media, Life counselling, relationship coaching,...

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46: Smiley booth Lucy di Mora KidooLand Fete

The KidooLand Christmas market on the 2nd December 2018 hosts local companies and individuals who will be selling  their festive wares and creating a fun and interactive environment for all the family. The inauguration of the loft is also the perfect moment to...

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44: Running a product business, network groups, simple cookery

Riviera Firefly podcast is your online show where we chat about  living on and visiting the French Riviera and the Côte d'Azur. THIS EPISODE In this Riviera Firefly episode  Antonia talks with Melanie Gulliver. Melanie is serial entrepreneur and shares her business...

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43: Etsy selling, creating jewellery, seaglass, christmas fair

THIS EPISODE In this Riviera Firefly episode  Antonia talks with Rhonda Nicholl and chats Sea Glass and how she set up her business Sea Riviera. Sea Riviera will be at the KidooLand Christmas Fair on Sunday 2nd December 2018. Sign up to come to the event it's free and...

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42 feel the fear

Episode 43  Antonia shares what she is doing for  self care, how she is facing her own mindset issues but pushing through, feeling the fear but doing it anyway. Listen to how they plan to grow and scale to the next level and join her community that is free! [iframe...

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Tiffany Butler Event Management

We interview Tiffany Butler Events organiser and planner on how she got into the industry, moving to France and getting to know the Côte d'Azur. Early career Advertising and the campaigns she worked on:Multiple Sclerosis, Volkswagen, The Guardian Moving into Events...

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Sleep training for baby and children

Gently to Sleep therapy for baby and children Louise's story - why she set up Gently To Sleep. A child is raised by the Village Louise's early days in Lancashire and Kent Choosing a business name and logo Setting up a new business (research, training, ) What age does...

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37: Chocolate superfood Grasse artisan shares her story

Chocolate is good for you! It's official and we chat all about why this handmade chocolate can help you in your day to day. Guest Hilly Mazija  lebonbean.com Hilly is an artisan she produces  stone-ground chocolate  made with love from raw and organic, fair-trade...

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29: Photo booth, buying a franchise, events, wedding,

Photo Booth fun for events with a difference Firefly chats to Franchise owner Smiley Booth France Lucy DiMora available for Events and Weddings . Highs of running a business, living on the Côte d'Azur, challenges of running a business. THIS EPISODE The Holidays are...

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27: Fine Wines, Champagnes, Christmas Table, Yacht suppliers

THIS EPISODE Fine wines and champagnes with VSF the yacht suppliers is the discussion of the day on the Riviera Firefly podcast. Claire Mottershaw from VSF- Vin Sans Frontiers chats champagnes, prosecco and fine wines and what to have on the festive table. She takes...

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25: Brexit Pensions Health Citizenship with AmbassadorLlewellyn

This is a Brexit update its early November 2017 Obviously for those who are current affairs followers or already registered on the gov.uk website you will already know the latest. I have of course been following closely but wasn't reassured as not all the press is...

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24: Nutrition, Pilates, Xtend Barr, Cleanse Reboot

Episode 24 Nutrition, Pilates, Xtend Barr, Cleanse Reboot with Christine Kjeldberg Further education some ideas YOU could be doing to further your education get them in your goals for 2018! Antonia shares some courses and workshops  she has done over the last 10...

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23: Harmonise body mind and Spirit

Episode 23 Now that the summer holidays are drawing to a close, we have the perfect opportunity to look back on all the memories to be made as a family. Exploring around the Côte d'Azur never disappoints, so Antonia will share her family's holiday highlights. Grab...

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22: Organising your house and the benefits of Seaweed

TITLE:  Episode 21:Organising your home and the benefits of Seaweed SERIES: Spring Tips to Cote d'AzurLiving EPISODE: Episode 21 THIS EPISODE This podcast was sponsored by KidooLand the Little English School who have just opened inscriptions for the Summer holidays...

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15: Julie Hellon Kenyan Kids charity and the Familia Project

Riviera Firefly is your online guide to living on and visiting the French Riviera and the Côte d'Azur. We cover topics such as Education for children and adults, Places to visit, Health and lifestyle, hobbies and leisure and have lots of fun here in the Alpes...

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12: Dawn Howard from Dogs d’Azur aka the Fairy Dogmother

TITLE:  Riviera Firefly talks with Dawn Howard Dog Behaviourist aka The Fairy Dogmother chats about our 4 legged furry friends. SERIES: Health and Lifestyle EPISODE: 12 THIS EPISODE In this Riviera Firefly Episode Antonia talks with the Fairy Dogmother Dawn Howard....

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Riviera Firefly Tricks of the Trade for Facebook Live

TITLE:  Riviera Firefly Facebook Live SERIES: Tricks of the Trade EPISODE: 11 (+1) Riviera Firefly podcast is your online show where we chat about  living on and visiting the French Riviera and the Côte d'Azur. This mini midweek series looks at sharing...

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Episode 9: Yoga and films with Faye Villalba

TITLE:  Yoga teacher Faye Villalba talks life on the Côte d'Azur. SERIES: Lifestyle and Health EPISODE: 9 Riviera Firefly is your online guide to living on and visiting the French Riviera and the Côte d'Azur. We cover topics such as Education for children and...

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