Recycle Upcycle Repurpose

Recycle and upcycle your pool inflatables into bespoke, unique bags, pouches  and pencil cases Get our French Economy boosted #staylocal #buylocal #supportlocal Welcome to the Riviera Firefly podcast sponsored by KidooLand your childcare solution for safe summer fun,...

New Life in France

Do you want to move to France ? Are you thinking of settling on the Côte d’Azur ? Would you like to integrate and speak better French ? Pauline Mourrat joins Antonia on the Riviera Firefly to chat about her business  New Life in France talks about learning...
55: International Women’s Day – Balance for Better

55: International Women’s Day – Balance for Better

It’s International Woman’s day and the theme this year is Balance for Better.
What does that mean to us .. well it’s about raising awareness .. challenging bias and influencing behaviour but it’s also about launching initiatives lobbying and fundraising.

Here on the Riviera Firefly we serve the community by raising awareness…we tell you about all the fab entrepreneurs, businesses and initiatives .. we share great spots to hang out and things to look forward to .. this time in this very a special edition the firefly asked for a couple of local entrepreneurs to contribute to an International Woman’s day special.. sharing their own mission and vision for bringing balance for a better life

48:  Review, renew, recycle, discard in 2019

48: Review, renew, recycle, discard in 2019

Welcome to our first episode in 2019. As we say in France plein de bonheur et surtout santé -happiness and health. Above all health as this is the most important as someone in a nearby commerce said to me today without that we have nothing. In this episode I take a...
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