TITLE:  Riviera Firefly Podcast meets Julia Edgeley

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On Today’s Riviera firefly Episode 5 podcast is part of the Health and lifestyle series Antonia talks with Julia Edgeley homeopath, naturopath kinesiologist and a speaker in health retreats. We were faced this week with sickness, super strong winds and a host of technology challenges hence the slight echo ..we had to edit out the black outs!  (when will good fibre internet access be here?!) but the message is important on getting healthy, looking after your body as you’ve only got one.


Julia is originally from Dublin Ireland and came to the South of France over 12 years ago with her partner when the osteopathy rules changed for foreign practitioners . He’s an osteo and so was then able to open his own Osteopathy clinic.

Once settled in to Cote d’Azur living she opened her own clinics down here on the Cote d’Azur  and if you haven’t been treated by her you probably know an Anglophone who has.  She is funny and always laughing and great to be around .. yet when you are in consultation you quickly realize she has an incredibly wide reaching knowledge and takes a whole picture view of you before focusing on what remedies are needed.

She is also a trained baby massage instructor which is how I originally met her many moons ago through KidooLand and super happy to announce that we have put regular dates in the diary to offer this to new mums and their gorgeous babies in 2017.

Right now she also the Cote d’Azur’s very own green goddess having more recently turned her spare time to understanding healthy eating, healthy beauty routines and ensuring that on  the inside and on the outside we can walk a healthier path through life.. In 2016 I was privileged to see her talk several times on  #cleanyourbeautyroutine ? I was so taken with it and its importance for future generations that we then collaborated together organizing an amazing workshop for teenagers via AdoLand where the teens got to make their own toothpaste, hair gel, spot creams and they left understanding that they need to read the labels before putting products on their bodies ..such an important message?


[04:16] What to expect from the programme? ?

 [02:00] Adoland workshop with Julia Edgeley

[03:30] Julia’s childhood memory

[05:30] A funny job you did before becoming a homeopath

[07:18] Misconceptions around homeopathy.

[10:20] Tweeting , Social Media, Blogger #cleanyourbeautyroutine How did you get into cleaning your beauty routine? Disney hair..

[12:20] Bananas in hair

[14:00] Coconut oil teeth , face and skin, body, deodorant..washing hair with eggs!

[16:45] Question from a teenage Clean your beauty routine Workshop .. what’s a good naturel facemask for winter Aloe Vera and honey.

[18:05] Micro beads .. the problems.

[20:00] “Organic” No more dirty books nomoredirtylooks.com/thebook/

oops there’s an editing blip here due to losing sound for a while!

[21:00] Falling of the healthy wagon? oh no we lost internet connection.. so I had to do a little summary of her favourite walk near Pont du Loup.


We will follow up with a second session on Healthy Eating, we will have to go back to the epic fails bread style ? until then check out Julia’s blog!





http://www.beyond.fr/villages/pontloup.html (For the walks near the Loup)

This episode was sponsored by www.kidooland.com The little English School in Sophia Antipolis on the French Riviera

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