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Taking and Passing the CIV Fenelon Sartoux Trois Collines Tests.

When I started KidooLand 10 years ago .. not many people mentioned the CIV ? of course it was well established but it wasn’t something that every French parent thought about or perhaps they thought it was only reserved for the English.

Maybe with advances in the internet, social media etc people became have steadily become more aware ..

I would say that today 8/10 clients that visit me with a child age 3-10 years old are doing so because

  • They know that English is important
  • They want their child to have this advantage
  • They are not considering the Private International systems and are looking for a more affordable option.


Why do they come to me ? To summarise I have built up a good feeling and understanding for the international tests.

I have 10 years experience teaching English to thousands of children, over that time I have done a lot of research,  speaking to their parents and hearing feedback from the success and failure stories of the international programmes and schools.


I also have had one child take the test for Sartoux, Trois Collines for entrance into CP and another who took the test in CM2 for 6eme for both the CIV and Fenelon.

They were successful! Obviously we are English but we had to still work hard and this doesn’t mean a free pass ? for reasons I can explain.


I have been in the very unique situation of having one child in the CIV system and the other in the Fenelon system which has been very interesting to see how they both operate as a family.

We have mainly had very good experiences but there have also been challenges to overcome.


Due to the daily, increased demand I can no longer give individual consultations and advice. There is only one of me and there are hundreds of you!


So here is some free advice for everyone .. You must research what you have to do to prepare for the test now!  I would recommend you go to all the meetings organised by ASEICA and Fenelon and read their website thoroughly.

They are the experts and as the exam changes every year they have the absolute latest information.

Go through the forums on Facebook, ask questions .

Listen to my Riviera firefly podcast Episodes 1-4 where I give you lots of essential and free information.


I know that you will want to speak with me so I will help!

I have decided to be available for a small group of people interested in passing this test.

This is your opportunity to hear my story, ask me my opinion and questions and for me to give you some advice, tips and a strategy for passing successfully the tests either on your own or with the help of KidooLand.

What we can do though is help you understand how best to approach the exam and give your child an enriching experience learning English which will serve them for life and so this is not wasted time or money.


I want to be clear ?

  • The International programmes are not for everyone, of that I am certain.
  • Due to so many factors when taking an exam, we cannot at KidooLand guarantee your child will be successful into these programmes. The demand is huge and only the very best are accepted.


You must register for the live event and places will be very limited on a 1st come 1st served basis.

Do not leave it too late to think about your child’s English journey if you are considering taking this test!


How to find us
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